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Lieu :Canterbury (UK)
Dates de l'événement : 23-11-2017 au 25-11-2017

Following the successes of our previous events, this conference will develop further conversations about the relationships and tensions between psychoanalysis and education. We are keen to invite submissions to participate that involve both psychoanalytic theory and accounts of psychoanalytic practice (where applicable), and we define education in its widest context. We hope to welcome academic staff, teaching staff in other areas of practice, and of course colleagues working primarily in clinical settings.
The themes of this conference are Creativity, Psychoanalysis and Lifelong Learning. We encourage interested parties to consider these themes and to interpret them in ways that lend themselves to original and provocative ways of thinking. Queries are welcomed in the first instance, and when you are ready to submit, you will be asked to do so in one of a variety of formats. We will welcome traditional presentations and workshops (and please indicate which you are proposing). However, we are also keen to encourage less traditional formats of collaboration. As one of the conference themes is creativity, expressions of interest that propose a creative space in the conferences are warmly welcomed. For example, colleagues might consider a performance, something musical, a piece of artwork, film or fictional writing.
Although the following list is not exhaustive, areas that might be explored include:
- Emotional unease; Healing Trauma; Crime; Psychosis; Affect in practice
- Biography and autobiography; Unconscious fantasies and writing; Literature, Art and Daydreaming; The; Role of Obsession; Soul murder
- Grief and loss; Life positioning; Childhood; Old age
Death and dying; Stuckness; Destructiveness; Play
- Sexuality and gender; Race and ethnicity; The body; Mysticism and religious experience; Knowledge; Social structure

Deadline for submissions: Friday 19th May 2017.

Scientific Committee
Alan Bainbridge, Jacki Cartlidge, Denise Cormack, Anna Playle, Danna Valkanova and Linden West (Canterbury Christ Church University)
Anastasios Gaitanidis (University of Roehampton)
David Mathew (University of Bedfordshire)
Jean-Marie Weber (University of Luxemburg)
Maria Grazia Riva (University of Milano Bicocca)
Arnaud Dubois (Université Cergy Pontoise)
Patrick Geffard (Université Paris 8)

Detailed guidelines for paper, symposium, roundtable and workshop submissions, as well as the programme of the Conference will be made available later on the conference website.

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